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Anastasia Beverly Hills Siap Rilis Eyeshadow Palette Terbarunya
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Siap Rilis Eyeshadow Palette Terbarunya | Jakarta: Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Cosmetics & Beauty kembali meluncurkan produk terbaru mereka, yakni eyeshadow palette bernama Norvina.

Nama palette kali ini, Norvina, diambil dari nama brand president ABH dan putri founder ABH yaitu Claudia Norvina Soare. Meski terbiasa membuat produk ABH, namun lantaran kali ini namanya digunakan untuk salah satu koleksi kosmetik ABH maka tak heran jika Norvina pun merasa lebih emosional.

“Aku gugup karena namaku ada disitu. Biasanya, aku tidak gugup karena ini pekerjaanku; ini yang aku lakukan. Tapi sekarang karena ada namaku, ini tentu saja membuatku emosional yang mana aku belum terbiasa. Ini (eyeshadow palette) sebuah kompilasi warna yang aku sangat suka dan akan kugunakan,” ungkap Norvina seperti dikutip dari E! News, Sabtu (7/7/2018).

Eyeshadow palette ini dikemas dengan warna ungu yang merupakan warna favorit Norvina. Shade-nya juga memilik 3 warna ungu. Dijelaskan Norvina, ABHxNorvina eyeshadow palette mempunyai 7 mattes dan 7 shimmers yang mana merupakan pertama kalinya untuk ABH (biasanya ABH hanya punya sedikit shimmer).

I took the palette with me on vacation naturally, she goes everywhere πŸ™‚ The over the pool pic was too tempting to pass up 😍 I was curious what people will say about the palette. I did not expect the overwhelming response this palette got, in a daze still. I was so shook today I literally went to the office lmaoo, its my comfort zone. I got so flustered I just went on auto pilot came into work and Ive been testing products all day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The palette has 7 mattes and 7 shimmers which is a first for ABH, we generally do less shimmers. I need shimmer in my life because of my big lids, but I also use shimmer along my lash line. All about the grungy slept in look, without ever sleeping in my makeup actually, that would be bad. The key to this palette is the shimmers and accompanying mattes, personally I love cool tones but I do love a deep blue tone berry and a shade like Eccentric which is really unique, its a dark squash, or really yellow brick color. This helps me create so much dimension & contrast which gives my eyes the intensity I like. I choose intensity in my makeup, but at the same time I balance with whimsical colors. I love the fantasy of color that allows me to look like Im walking in a Disney parade no matter how cold my eye makeup is. The palette is wearable by many which is what is truly important. N O R V I N A has 3 purples. Soul which is a matte deep periwinkle, Celestial which is a combination of pearls all resulting in this cool tone violet, and last Drama which is my smolder shade. Drama is a deep aubergine or deep violet shimmer (will pick up warmth or coolness depending on skin tone) with a black base. Purple is my absolute favorite color, but I love purple shadow to a limit personally. In order to really commit I need variety. There are two cool tone pinks that I die for, Love which is matte and Wild Child which needs to be swatched as this duo-chrome shadow has so many dimensional pearls it will pick up different tones in the light its so pretty. CAPTION TOO LONG πŸ˜‚CONTINUED IN COMMENTS

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ABHxNorvina eyeshadow palette ini dibanderol dengan harga $42 (sekitar Rp600.000) dan rencananya akan dirilis resmi pada 17 Juli mendatang.

Oh ya tak hanya ABHxNorvina eyeshadow palette, tanggal 17 Juli mendatang ABH juga akan merilis shade baru dari koleksi violet liquid lipstick mereka.

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