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Intip Transformasi Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson untuk Spin Off Fast & Furious
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Intip Transformasi Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson untuk Spin Off Fast & Furious | Jakarta: Semua orang tahu The Rock alias Dwayne Johnson punya tubuh kekar. Meski demikian, bukan berarti dirinya bisa malas-malasan.

Untuk film terbarunya yang merupakan spin off Fast & Furious, Hobbs and Shaw, The Rock rela melakukan latihan berat agar tubuhnya sesuai dengan karakter yang akan diperankannya nanti.

Lewat Instagram, mantan pegulat itu memaparkan kalau dirinya melakukan olahraga intensif serta menjalani diet ketat selama 18 minggu.

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Dialed in & hit the mark. 260lbs of attitude & classy cuss words. After 18 weeks of disciplined diet & intense training, here’s where I landed my carcass for shooting my FAST & FURIOUS spin-off HOBBS & SHAW. Always room for improvements, but not too bad for a scarred up surgically repaired Brahma Bull who’s injuries always tell the story. Huge THANKS to my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi for his masterful strategies that’s constantly shifting daily based on how I’m looking/feeling to achieve our goals. THANKS to EVERYONE in my inner circle (including the NASA scientists 😉) who support the big picture – my diet, training, health & wellness, balance, consistency and execution. Finally, THANKS TO ALL THE FANS. My people out there worldwide 🌎 who buy into our grind belief and my philosophy that payin’ our dues is owed on a daily basis. Thanks for rockin’ with me — let’s have some fun and take this HOBBS & SHAW franchise to the next level. #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #Hobbs #NightlyTequilaDrinker 🥃

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Berhasil membentuk tubuhnya jadi seperti itu dalam 18 minggu, The Rock mengucapkan rasa terima kasihnya pada pelatih, orang-orang terdekat, serta fansnya yang selalu memberi dukungan dan membantunya melakukan diet serta latihan ini.

Hobbs and Shaw sendiri akan berfokus pada karakter Luke Hobbs (diperankan Dwayne sendiri) yang merupakan agen keamanan diplomatik AS yang harus bekerjasama dengan Deckard Shaw (diperankan Jason Statham).

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I learned a long time ago (when I was a very sinful eyebrow raising villainous man in the crazy world of pro wrestling;) that heroes are only as great as their greatest villains. A pleasure to introduce the man himself @idriselba we brought in to our Fast & Furious franchise to wreak havoc, hell and mayhem on our heroes HOBBS & SHAW. The name: BRIXTON. The record: UNDEFEATED. The promise: SHOWDOWN OF ALL SHOWDOWNS. So cool having my brother @idriselba come and play in our sandbox. This one’s been years in the making!! As I always say, we either gonna get along or we gonna get it on… and fuck getting along 😈 #BRIXTON #TheConsequenceAgent #HellRaiser HOBBS & SHAW SUMMER 2019 📸 @hhgarcia41

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Hobbs and Shaw rencananya akan rilis perdana pada 26 Juli 2019 di bioskop Amerika Serikat.

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